On Watch – Acrylic

On Watch – Acrylic – 16 x 20 – Original – $450 – Prints – $25

This is my newest acrylic painting. I love seeing the Great Blue Herons and this is another interpretation of the beautiful wading birds. Again, this painting is done by using only palette knifes. I’m also enjoying the process and the results with this technique! As always, if you’re interested in my work – let me know: lylanne22@yahoo.com


Fresh Catch – Pastel

Fresh Catch – Soft Pastels – 9 x 12 – Original – $375 – Prints – $25

This is my newest pastel painting. I was taking photos of birds and happened to see this Great Blue Heron fishing in a stream. He was really good at it, obviously. And, he caught enough fish that I was able to capture a couple of photos of him doing it as references for my freehand art. Even though I feel sorry for the fish, I realize it is the circle of life. I also realize that there were a lot of fishermen that were on the banks – doing the same thing, but were not as lucky as the heron! LOL.

Fresh Bought Bouquet – Acrylic

Fresh Bought Bouquet – Acrylic – 16 x 20 – Original – $375 – Prints $25

This is my newest acrylic painting. It was taken from a fresh bouquet that had yet to be put in a vase…so an interesting perspective…sort of a still life on a table. I had fun doing it, it is another painting done totally with palette knives. I hope you enjoy!

Ravens Rule – Acrylic

Ravens Rule – Acrylic – 16 x 20 – Original $350 – Prints $25

This is another portrait of a raven that I saw while in Arizona. I had bought some cherries intending to put them in another still life, but decided to use them in a painting with this raven. Again, I used only palette knives to complete this painting, and I feel that I’m hitting my stride with this medium and this technique. I didn’t think I would like it at all, but it’s growing on me! If you’re interested in this painting or a print of it, contact me at: lylanne22@yahoo.com Thanks for viewing my art!!

Raven Red – Acrylic

Raven Red – Acrylic – 16 x 20 – Original $375 – Prints $25

This is a painting of a raven I saw while I was visiting Arizona. I wanted the heat and the contrast of the background to contrast with the coolness of the bird…not only in color but in personality. This is another painting done solely with palette knives. As you know, I love to paint birds – both in acrylics and in pastels – so look for more birds to arrive here in my blog in the coming weeks!

Staying Healthy – Acrylic

Staying Healthy – Acrylic – 16 x 20 – Original $450 – Prints $25

This is a painting that I did using only two palette knives. I’ve never tried to do one with only palette knives before and wasn’t sure that I would like it. But I found it liberating. I wasn’t worried about the paint being “too messy” to make crisp lines or that every detail was “perfect.” I set the still life up myself and worked from that too. I will probably be doing more like this – but attempting different subjects to see what happens. I also enjoyed playing with the colors in the background and keeping them popping up here and there throughout the painting.

Mr. Recognizable – Pastel

Mr. Recognizable – Pastel – 8 x 10 – Original $875 – Prints $25

This pastel painting has been very successful in getting into juried art shows. It’s also won a few awards! This has made appearances in the 74th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition at the Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, it was in the Art Association of Madison County Show at the Anderson Museum of Art where it won 2nd Place, and the Pendleton Arts Society Show at Gallery 119 where it won an Honorable Mention. I see red-winged blackbirds everywhere and realize it’s one of the most recognizable birds around; hence, the title. If you’re interested in any of my art, or want a commission: lylanne22@yahoo.com

Monkey Business – Pastel

Monkey Business – Pastel – 9 x 12 – Original NFS – Prints $25

This is one of my newest pastel paintings. It’s of my daughters when they were young, and the reference photo I used to look off of was one I took back at a Renaissance Fair in Muncie in the mid-1980s. I have taken, and still do, take a lot of photos with the idea that some will become references, either partially or fully in my art. Again, I only use photos to look off of (and when I can I draw from life). I never project my photos onto paper or canvas. I solely use my gifts of sight and hand to create my freehand art. I’m hoping to enter this piece in a few shows this year.

Botanical Garden I – Acrylic

Botanical Garden I – Acrylic – 16 x 20 – Original $375 – Prints $25

This is another new acrylic painting on canvas. I hadn’t done many florals, but am enjoying doing some in an impressionist style. The reference for the painting is a day I spent at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. As always, if you’re interested in any of my work, contact me at: lylanne22@yahoo.com